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GCU Join Committee Recommendation


JNS Panel: Short-term mitigating measures "Broken Wheels"

(adopted July 31st 2017)

30-06-2016 Wagon Markings – Guidelines

Recommendation by the Joint Sector Group

01-08-2013 Statement on ECM and Art. 19.5
18-02-2013 Keepers ECM Declaration Implementation Guide + Annex

The GCU Bureau makes available an updated version of the "Guidelines for the Keeper's Self Declaration" (Version 2.4) drafted by the Joint Sector Group on Freight Wagon Maintenance. A misleading link to the ERA-Website in section 5. 3) had to be corrected. We take this opportunity to kindly remind all Keepers to pay attention to section 5. 4): "The Keeper must immediately update its declaration upon each change, e.g. change of address, change of ECM(s) for its wagons, designation of an additional ECM for part of its wagons, knowledge of scope limitation with regard to the ECM Certificate(s), suspension or revocation of the certificate(s) for its ECM(s)