Application Procedure

  1. Fill out the application form and send it by email to or/and by post to GCU Bureau Sprl, 500, avenue Louise, 1050 Brussels, Belgium.
  • Note: 2018 annual contribution is 120 EUR + 0.06 EUR/wagon.
  1. You will receive by email a login and password for the web portal ( of the GCU.
  2. Enter all the applicable contact information in the CRM web portal (for information on how to work with the CRM web portal, download manual here..
  3. As a Wagon Keeper you are obliged to submit all numbers of wagons that are potentially used under GCU. Wagon numbers must be uploaded to the GCU wagon database section of the CRM web portal. This operation can be done manually, via excel list upload or via xml-based web services (download xml definition here).
  4. After verification and approval by the GCU Bureau of the information provided, the membership will be activated and you will be included in the official list of signatories on the next publication date (as determined in art. 2.4).